Mobile Laboratory for Audiovisual Experimentation and Learning

What is an ‘Alma de Casa’?

The soul of the home, the essence, it’s the everyday dynamics generated by those who live in it and sustain it and which in turn, forms the foundation of contemporary society.

What Do We Do?

We deliver a workshop to diverse groups of participants without prior audiovisual or artistic knowledge but with certain social and geographical characteristics in common, in which they learn to use audiovisual tools in a creative way. Using storytelling as a tool for self-reflexion, they narrate their daily dynamics and through a collaborative process, produce an experimental moving image work. The workshop process encourages them to question the concept of an ‘Alma de Casa’ or ‘soul of the home’, gender roles and how the dynamics of public life stem from the private.

The resulting video work from each workshop contributes to a Collection which as it grows will create a portrait of contemporary Mexican society. We also create content for our online editorial, Alma Editorial, inspired both by the themes that emerge from the laboratories and our own research.

We create a supportive environment in which we use artistic thinking as a language that allows the participants to express and analyse their everyday with a critical perspective. We teach audiovisual techniques as a means of realising the collaborative work during the workshop but also to offer practical tools that can be used in the participants’ professional and personal lives.

How Do We Do It?

The Collection

The Collection is an archive of experimental audiovisual works resulting from a collaborative creation process that investigates and documents different perceptions of the concept of ‘Alma de Casa’ through the eyes of diverse groups of participants.

What our Almas de Casa have to say…

  • What a wonderful experience! I'll never see my daily routine in the same way again!
    Mónica VallarinoIllustrator
  • Deciding to work with you was a good decision, I didn't really know what to expect, I thought it would just be something to fill the time. It wasn't. I discovered myself and we discovered ourselves together, we shared spaces and revived them. I learned to work as part of a team and I realised the importance of inhabiting a body and a place in this concrete jungle.
    Gustavo Coronel HernándezUniversity Student
  • The laboratory really made me think about the role I have in my own home. On top of that I learnt how to make amazing videos in a really fun way!
    Sandra SánchezUniversity Student