Alma de Casa is a platform for experimentation, creation, reflection and learning that uses audiovisual tools and writing as means of expressing the construction of different identities based on equality.

AdeC Lab

The AdeC Lab is an in-person audiovisual laboratory in which we work with groups of people with no prior knowledge or experience in the medium. Founded in an experimental approach to creation, video works are produced that reflect symbolically on the concept of Alma de Casa, which we define as the essence of the home, the daily family dynamics of those who inhabit a common space and which form the basis of education and contemporary social structure, regardless of gender, race or class.

Casa Exquisita

An audiovisual laboratory for remote, collaborative experimentation between professionals working in the cultural sector including film, visual arts, theatre and dance.

Alma Editorial

A space for written contributions by those interested in equality in the world we inhabit and supported by creative, free and respectful practices. Themes stem from the debate and reflection on the constructive capacity of education and art as engines for fairer and beneficial social change.

The image of eternal youth
The image of eternal youth

One way to tell if someone is feeling under the weather or sick, is by the way they look. From…


This is Alma Editorial’s youngest collaboration to come out of this time of quarantine. We’re very grateful to Lorenza Ybarra…