Alma Editorial

  • Feb182021

    The image of eternal youth

    One way to tell if someone is feeling under the weather or sick, is by the way they look. From…

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  • Jul212020


    This is Alma Editorial’s youngest collaboration to come out of this time of quarantine. We’re very grateful to Lorenza Ybarra…

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  • Jul142020

    Quarantine Anecdotes Analysis Part III: Reflections on Time

    In this third and final instalment, we find single and married men and women without children, between 24 and 50…

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  • Jul092020

    Quarantine Anecdotes Analysis Part II: Protection in Confinement

    In this second instalment of our Quarantine Anecdotes Analysis, we find women and men with children under the age of…

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  • Jun302020

    Quarantine Anecdotes Analysis Part I: Lockdown Patience

    The following is the first instalment of an article consisting of three parts, each one corresponding to a particular group…

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  • Jun162020

    Analytic Pornography

    Guillermina Bustos, artist and researcher of Latin American Contemporary Art, submitted a text to our quarantine ‘anecdotario’ based on new…

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  • Jun072020

    A Pressure Cooker That Burns

    Colombian artist María Natalia Leubro, shared this quarantine anecdote with us that humorously and critically relates a reality that, since…

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  • May212020

    Touching the floor with the right foot forward

    As part of our quarantine anecdote open call, we received this text from the artist Pierre Valls who generously sent…

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  • Jan132020

    The Invisible Woman

    “Fortunately, woman’s intellectual inferiority is no longer spoken of seriously and it begins to be admitted that, if there has…

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  • Sep032019
    ‘Women’s time has been interrupted and fragmented throughout history.’ Illustration: Mikyung Lee/THE GUARDIAN

    The Guardian: A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself

    The following essay by Brigid Schulte, published in The Guardian on Sunday 21st of July 2019, is a wonderful yet…

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