Casa Exquisita

Casa Exquisita came about as a result of a desire to continue working collaboratively at a time when the rules and regulations of physical distancing challenged us to rethink our working methodologies. This was a challenge that metamorphosed into an incredible opportunity to turn limitations into new possibilities.

Through various segments of video, each made by a different participant, an audiovisual work is created using the concept of the Exquisite Corpse. The first person sets the scene then passes on a clue to the second participant in the form of their final still. The still gets recreated in one way or another and the story continues until it reaches the last participant who gifts the work its ending.

The Series

All of the outcomes from Casa Exquisita contribute to an ongoing series of video works. Some chapters are curated by the Alma de Casa team but we also have guest curators who are invited to create individual chapters.