Alphabet Soup

Client:Mexico City


A little yellow horse, tired and thirsty from walking with no fixed destination. Trying to find a resting place to heal his emotions.

An apartment building (with lots of small apartments), where many families and elderly people live. Located in the centre of Mexico City.

During a really warming sunset, the blue sky gradually turns yellow, then pink, then orange … and when your eyes are closed, red.

Cooking for the first time in his life. Taking out lots of dishes and ingredients to prepare alphabet soup.

Happy and content, as if a small spark ignited an exciting fire throughout his body, he has a sense of yellow abundance as a gigantic and optimistic smile spreads across his face.

Created by

Almas de Casa from central and southern neighbourhoods of Mexico City. Mexican, between the ages of 21 to 23 years old, all living with a parent or parents whilst studying and undertaking their social service.

Part of the University Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MUAC) Public Programme, Tejiendo Santo Domingo.

Gustavo Coronel Hernández
Miranda Cuevas Ávila
Rocío Ameyali Espindola Jiménez
Alejandra Elizabeth Gómez Reyes
Ana Fernanda González Loreto
Pedro Jiménez Herrera
David Alberto Jiménez Garduño
Noe Mendoza Castillo
Carlos Ulises Pérez Benítez
Mariana Elizabeth Retana

Curatorial Statement

The character, a horse, symbolises strength and power, a metaphor about leaving home and approaching the universal conundrum of how to live freely.

A cacophonous city that doesn’t shut up and a pot that contains dozens of letters that don’t form words. The power of the drums and vibrations accompany the brio of the horse, who finds calm in the tones of the flaming sunset and a sign that his heart has been waiting for to help him stand up to the change and uncertainty coming his way in this grown-ups’ world.

This piece accounts for the feelings and thought processes of the young people who made it, their experiences in the face of a changing world as they take steps towards independence and autonomy that puts their abilities and skills at stake.

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