Chapter VIII: Hedonistic Adaptation

Client:Curated by Iván Buenader

Curatorial Text

Aurora Domínguez (Alicante, Spain) brings us together for a glistening picnic amongst flowers and fruits that will fade, like tea that oxidizes in a cup, evoking the pleasure of the blinded senses. Glenda León (Havana/Madrid) collects these flowers to evoke a joy as elemental as breathing and rest, allowing us to witness a birth. Pepe Valle (El Salvador/CDMX) translates that birth into the pleasures of childhood, to the family care embodied in the two babies of urban hummingbirds and their mother. Jeannette Betancourt (Puerto Rico / CDMX) draws on the ornithological metaphor to delight in the domestic pleasures of taking a bath, listening to music, the superimposed textures of home and memories.

Vincent Voillat (Paris) takes us away from this intimacy to show us only an aseptic floor where various forms with touches of the archaeological and mineral, are lain down to be explored with clinical curiosity. Alejandra Aragón (El Paso/Ciudad Juárez) abandons that stony rigidity and returns to the textile softness of the shadows, of nature, of the air, of the lovers who meet for a short time, of doubtful stability, and like each of the previous artists, reminds us of that delight constantly threatened by internal, inescapable intermittence.

Iván Buenader


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