Of all the flowers she brought

Client:Playa Vicente, Veracruz


A dark-skinned woman, curly braided hair, short, wears a skirt, a 3/4 sleeve blouse, sandals and smokes a cigar.

In a large kitchen full of clay pots, lots of light, palm-thatched roof with a view of the garden and the river. Everything clean and organised. Traditional stove, wooden utensils and an earth floor.

8:00 am birds, nature, sun.

Whilst in that space she sees the messages that the birds are bringing her and begins to notice that their movements are odd, they’re bringing out of the ordinary news. They’re telling her that she must prepare herself and her community because difficult times are coming in which unity and organisation must be strengthened. She will have to change many things in her daily life.

Total happiness. Satisfaction, sweating and tired. Peace, tranquility,  discharging her energy. Her stress is alleviated.

Created by

A group of women from the Municipality of Playa Vicente, Veracruz, between the ages of 12 to 55, immersed in the Son Jarocho tradition from different creative approaches such as dance, musical composition and interpretation, and instrument-making.

Patricia Barradas Saldaña
Margarita Barradas Saldaña
Fania Delena
Verónica Espinosa Garduño
Laura Carina Hernández García
Julia López Valenzuela
Teresa Marcial
Margarita Saldaña Santos
Marcia Guadalupe Sánchez Waldestran
Marcia Sánchez Waldestran
Izamar Uscanga Larios

Project realised with the support of the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía via the Estímulo para la Formación Audiovisual Independiente (EFAI)

Curatorial Text

The good things that the water brings us are told by the river. Those that the sky gives us are sung by the birds. Those that the earth produces are given to us by the herbs.

She has a gift, she dresses in the flowers that her ancestors taught her to embroider, she seduces the fire with her dance, she conjures the wind with her birdsong. The river listens to her.

Her hands treasure the wisdom of her people, the hope of the beings that inhabit the river, and the river that holds the promise of the future.

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