The Lioness

Client:Mexico City


A loyal woman with the strength of a lion.

The sun’s rays reaffirm the existence of time, letting us know that another day is beginning.

At the same time, the plants remind us of the multiple ways of being.

A large, messy kitchen.

Listening to music at full volume and dancing on a red chair.

She feels the abyss of lost possibilities.

Created by

Almas de Casa from a middle-class background, who currently live in the central urban area of Mexico City. A mix of Mexicans and foreigners between the ages of 25 to 45 years old who manage their homes in parallel with working freelance.

Paola Albert
Antonio Liaño Rodríguez
Alejandra Martinez
Maru Mendoza
Daniela Sánchez
Sandra Sánchez
Mónica Vallarino
Lauri Walker

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