Client:San Pancho, Nayarit


She was like a divinity with various masks; sometimes a flower, sometimes a powerful figure.

A house far from the city centre, a living room with paintings in the middle of the space.

She hears music outside and goes out in search of the sound. She gets on her bike and doesn’t stop pedalling.

The best hour of the day, the beautiful, ephemeral golden hour, which makes everything sensual, divine, warm.

Movement creates light and shadow. Everything has been created to be connected, the cycles do not exclude anyone, what is offered is for everyone.

Created by

Almas de Casa inhabitants of the town of San Pancho, Nayarit from Argentina, Chile, France, the USA and Morelia (Mexico) aged between 22 and 55 years old, some living with roommates, others with their partners, with varied professions  including teaching, theatre, photography and architecture.

This laboratory formed part of the project Estación Híbrida created by Fábrica de las Artes. Special thanks to Renata Montante.

Eileen Montes De Oca
Eva Tatiana Pérez Medel
Soledad Muriel
Nicole Naios
Gaëlle Perica
María Morgan

Supported by the Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales.

Curatorial Text

In our stories, we pass through a constant evolution of landscapes and bodies, interactions that generate movement and change. In those spaces we hold our scars, uncertainties, vulnerabilities and truths. This is where our resistance lies.

The silences – the cries of our breath, the sea that embraces those silences and gives voice to what we keep quiet so as not to erase what we feel… Our divine nature.

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